When you think of Maverick Graphics, invision not only high levels of creativity but also a company that consists of many different people that form important teams to ensure every detail is taken care of from start to finish. With over 30 years of experience we have dedicated ourselves to putting together a one-of-kind team that offers a wide range of speciality skills and a level of creativity that surpasses anyones' expecations. Our team is consistently providing innovative and leading edge designs, which is the platform that builds our reputation.

Our Teams


Our design team is the core foundation for all of our designs. This is where the ideas begin and the vision for your brand takes place. Once the foundation is solid our design team runs with it and provides high quality prints that include brochures, billboards, posters, newspaper/magazine advertisments, logo design and so much more.


Once the design aspect is finalized our production team takes the design and makes it work effectively for print. This is the most important aspect of any project, to ensure your designs are printed properly and produced with the highest quality to guarentee great results.


Our illustration team consists of artists that create custom illustrations specializing in hand painted or computer generated renderings. They create illustrations that aren't just pictures but works of art. Our illustration team will create an illustration and present your product with the flare and elegance it richly deserves.


Our web/interactive team specializes in creating innovative and leading edge designs to present online and throughout multiple interactive tools. We develop unique, award winning and mobile-friendly websites, commercial videos, digital displays, iPad and iPhone Apps. When it comes to our web team we can guarentee your company will have a one-of-kind online presence.

Display Production / Installation

We save the tough work for our professional display production and installation teams. We can guarentee that our team will take care of everything when it comes to installing displays and ensuring your company’s designs are presented effectively inside your sales office. With high quality materials and tools, your displays are in good hands.